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Welcome to the Pro-Audio Workshop!

We are located in Loudon, TN. and serves the local music community as the area premier BAND REHEARSAL STUDIO RENTAL FACILITY, LIVE RECORDING STUDIO, and PRO AUDIO EQUIPMENT REPAIR CENTER. Thank you for visiting our brand new website, though the site is still under construction, we do appreciate your patience and it will be completed very soon.

Please feel free to explore our brand new website and post your thoughts. We look forward to hearing about your experiences and suggestions that would only result in better customer experiences for everyone. To learn more about our repair services and the many studio packages we offer that can benefit you throughout your musical endeavors, go to our ‘Services’ page. You will be able to book through our secure online booking form to schedule your band rehearsal/recording session today. Call or text us today at (865) 466-3141 for additional information about our studio packages and recording services.

With over 40 years in the electronics repair field and our 120-day warranty, you can be confident that our repairs are performed to the highest standards. From guitar set-up to amp repair to stage effects & lighting equipment repair, etc. we have you covered. We offer free estimates to better serve the local community. That means that you don’t need any money up-front to drop your equipment off to be serviced. Call or text us at (865)466-3141 for additional information about our repair services.

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