Best Wishes To All Impacted By Covid-19

We are still open for the music community.

As this Coronavirus dramatically impacts our life, I ask all to pray for a solution and cure. Please be careful and use common sense. There are simple procedures that we can follow to help dampen the spread of this enemy by simply following proper hygiene practices and a few advanced practices, such as washing your hands more thoroughly, sanitizing commonly touched items such as door knobs. buttons, faucet knobs and such.

We here at the Pro-Audio Workshop are still open for business to support the music community. We are sanitizing all door knobs, microphones, audio cables, seating and everything that can be touched. You can feel safe here if your band would like to rehearse, but we do ask that if you feel you are coming down with an illness or have been in close proximity to someone that feels that they are, please help fight this invisible enemy by staying home and just take care of yourself to get better. I’m sure that you do not want to infect your fellow band members or anyone else.

We will prevail and the music will go on, but we must be conscious of every move and action we take. Please be safe . This will end soon and we will all be back to our regular scheduled programming.

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