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We are a multi-service facility providing services for all your pro audio repair needs, band rehearsal studio solutions and world-class audio/video recording productions provided by Big Mama Studio in Knoxville, TN.



Rehearsal Studio

Pro-Audio Workshop is pleased to offer the music community a place to rehearse without the current struggles that they may face in their current practice situation/area. We provide your band with a higher chance for a successful practice without crowding or less than good room characteristics.

As a professional drummer for 44 years now. I do know the importance of having a well organized, large rehearsal area that does not interfere with a successful practice. Sound quality can make or break a productive practice by how clearly members can differentiate notes from each individual instrument. A small room can clutter the sound waves to the point of total collision of sound, rendering the practice less than productive. 


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Repair Services

By performing repairs with precision down to the smallest of details, we are sure we will earn your trust in our reliable and skilled craftsmanship. We strive to ensure our customers that when performing maintenance procedures and repairs, they are receiving the very best quality service available. Customer trust and satisfaction is our highest of goals and with that, we're sure our satisfied customers will happily return with all their pro audio repair needs. 

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Multi-Service Facility

We are a multi-service facility providing services for all your pro audio repair needs and band rehearsal solutions. World-class, gold and platinum award-winning audio/video recording services are also available, provided by Big Mama Recording Productions. We offer you the very best of experienced professional services at unbeatable rates.

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