Studio Space Only


Studio Space + PA System Package


First-time customers get a 20% discount off above rates!!

We are now offering a 20% off all new customer sign-up sessions, as well as, including a free rough mix recording of your practices. We offer this so you can experience for yourselves how our facility can help in a productive rehearsal. Our amenities include central air/heat, plenty of comfortable seating for breaks, free bottled water, among other amenities. We can even order pizza and other foods for you if you like. We are here for you and we at the Pro-Audio Workshop are doing what we can to help kick-start our local music community back in to gigging mode.

Pro-Audio Workshop is pleased to offer the music community a place to rehearse without the current struggles that musicians may face in their current practice situation/area. We provide your band with a higher chance for a successful practice without crowding or less than good room characteristics.

As a professional drummer for 45 years now. I do know the importance of having a well-organized, large rehearsal area that does not interfere with a
successful practice. Sound quality can make or break a productive practice by how clearly members can differentiate notes from each individual instrument. Our studio is continously undergoing upgrades and transformations, always striving for the best acoustic charactoristics possible. Yes, it still has many more advantagious uprades still to go, but I am doing the best I can.

Our facility offers a large heated/air-conditioned rehearsal studio that is spacious yet very comfortable. The Pro-Audio Workshop Studio is large enough to accommodate a 6 piece band & their guests comfortably and has great sound characteristics as well. For your convenience, we also offer rental add-on packages including a 7pc Sonor drum kit package, PA system package and recording packages for small hourly rental fees.

​We have a loading dock with double doors for easy loading and unloading of equipment designed to smooth-out the set-up and tear-down process.