We throw in a digital rough-mix recording package of your band’s rehearsal at the awesome low cost of free!!! All that is required is rental of the Studio+PA System ($25/hr). Nothing tells the truth of your performance like a recording. Hear for yourself if that riff you throw in a particular song actually sounds the way you intend or listen to the vocal harmonies from an audience’s point of view. Your choice of multi-track files or stereo tracks transferred to thumb-drive or email at no charge.


(Does not include studio rental time)



(Does not include studio rental time)


Pro-Audio Workshop does not portray to be or intentionally claim to be a hi-level, big-time music recording production studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. The ‘Workshop’ is just that, a workshop where a band can come to practice, tighten up songs and when ready, produce a quality reference recording, demo or finished mastered product that just may stand up to those $100,000.00 studios. We are a mid-level live recording studio with the capability to produce recordings that will provide you with a quality product. 100% guaranteed or you pay nothing.