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Maintenance & Repair


Preventative Maintenance is an inexpensive health insurance policy for your equipment. Why wait until you are faced with a catastrophic failure that could have been prevented?


With the demand on physical controls in the pro audio industry to be noise-free with smooth operation absent of drop-outs, we are presented with the need for periodic maintenance in order to maintain the trouble-free operation that we expect from them. The moment pots, faders or switches introduce noise or drop-outs into the production/recording of music or public addresses, the attention of the audience is pulled away from the message that you are trying to convey.  This can be avoided by a simple periodic maintenance program that ensures solid trouble-free operation and satisfied audiences and artists.


Maintenance is a very important and often overlooked procedure in assuring the reliability, and longevity of electronic devices. Without maintenance, internal electro-mechanical components such as switches, potentiometers, ball screws, slide rails, belts, pullies & levers accumulate dust and dirt which in turn results in deterioration, wear, friction and drying-out of lubricants which ultimately shortens the lifespan of that device. Maintenance of solder joints is also an important factor in the lifespan of a device. One single bad solder joint (Cold Joint) can emit sporadic, intermittent and/or inconsistent voltages or currents throughout the circuit which can cause a catastrophic failure, requiring an expensive repair. A simple and inexpensive periodic maintenance plan helps in preventing early failures and avoiding timely and expensive repairs in the future. Sign up/login now or call us to find out more about scheduling a Preventative Maintenance plan. We're here to help and save you money.


The Pro-Audio Workshop offers low rates on one-time maintenance sessions, no matter how big or small. We service all equipment from effects pedals to guitar amps to large mixing consoles. We also offer attractive managed preventative maintenance programs designed around your studio schedule so to keep your equipment running smooth and free from unexpected nuisances that can stop the clock and have you running around frantically coming up with explanations to distressed clients.  


Potentiometers (also known as 'Pots' or 'Trim Pots'), Faders and switches are the most common failing devices in pro audio equipment and without the required periodic maintenance can fail at the worst time. These components are essentially the interface between the user and the equipment and without reliable operation can lead to some embarrassing situations. By taking steps to ensure smooth operation you will pro-actively produce longevity and reliability of your equipment.

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