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The Behringer Autoquad XR 2400 is a professional-grade audio processor featuring 4 separate UTR (Ultra Transient Response) gate circuitries with an extremely short attack time of less than 10 µs, as well as a FlexLink system for ultimate master/slave configurations. It also features maximum attenuation of 80 dB, an IRC expander for vocals and most instruments, UTR fast gate for drums and piano, and IHC (Interactive Hold Control) for smoother fades. Its ultra-precise metering system allows for precise adjustment of all parameters. The Behringer Autoquad XR 2400 is the perfect choice for any professional audio application.

Behringer Autoquad XR 2400

  • Tested and in good working condition, Ch2 does have broken release 100k potentiometer (pictured). Broken pot is included.

    Cables or power cord not included