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Dark Wood


This is a classic. Surprisingly clean and very utilitarian, this device can dynamically master your tracks with its peak limiting, it can compress while tracking. It can gate so you can make super punchy transients for drums, or cut out room bleed. In capable hands, this does what like 5 other boxes can do in one. Probably why they call it the Composer.

Compressor / limiter offering a peak limiter and an expander.
In front, threshold, ratio, attack, release and output, 4 switches: key listen, key ext, auto and in / out (commissioning of the compressor).


The expander provides a threshold and a switch to switch release modes (fast / slow).
Limit peak has a threshold.
Rear panel for input and output you have the choice between XLR (Neutrik). 4 other jacks allow a VCA control by external voltage or insertion of a processing circuit, such as an EQ.


Operation is simple for someone who is accustomed to handling this kind of machine. In addition, the manual does a great job of explaining not only the use of MDX2000 but also what can be expected from such a device ..



Compression is very good and frankly much better than the versions that followed (MDX2200 MDX2600).
Compressor works perfectly
The peak limiter is quite good and efficient dynamic expander.

Behringer Composer MDX2000