Sound Technology 1710A Distortion Measurement System


Sound Technology 1710A Distortion Measurement System

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This Sound Technology 1710A Distortion Measurement System is in full operational condition. This unit sits on an active workbench and is used regularly in diagnostics and testing without issues.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 17.13 × 11 in

The Model 1710A Distortion Measurement System combines a flexible ultra-low-distortion
sine-wave signal generator, a high-resolution automatic-measuring total harmonic distortion
(THO) analyzer, and an accurate ac-level meter in one instrument. Pushbutton operation
permits the operator to quickly measure voltage or power levels, set level, and then
measure distortion.

The generator section provides a pure sine-wave oscillator signal for testing from 10
Hz to 110 kHz. The generator output is direct-coupled (no transformer) and is balanced
and floating with respect to ground. Either side can be grounded without any level change.
The output impedance can be set to either 150 ohms or 600 ohms (except for levels greater
than +21 dBm), and discrete calibrated levels in 0.1 dB steps can be selected from +27.0
dBm to -90.9 dBm (decibels relative to 1 milliwatt into 600 ohms) into 150-ohm or 600-ohm
loads (17.32 V rms maximum). The level across any load used can, in addition, be directly
measured within the instrument. An indicating off switch disables the generator for
convenient signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) measurements.

The analyzer section contains a tracking notch filter which is always tuned to the
generator's frequency. The analyzer measures total harmonic distortion with a sensitivity
ranging from 100 percent to .01 percent full scale , with automatic nulling on all ranges.
Active filters may be selected for hum and noise suppression, enhancing the measurement
resolution. A differential front end rejects common-mode noise.

The ac signal-level meter in the analyzer measures ac voltage, or power in dBm. The
measurement range for ac voltage is 0.1 millivolts to 100 volts full scale (30 microvolts
using the RATIO switch described in paragraph 1-25). and for power i~ -80 dBm to +40 dBm
full scale (-90 dBm using the RATIO switch described in paragraph 1-25). Ratio measurements with 100 dB or more of dynamic range can also be made.

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