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Economical Solution to High-Priced Studio Rates

Pro-Audio Workshop offers the local music community an economical solution to studio quality live band recordings. With the cost of recording production studio rates so high, many bands can not afford to have their band demos recorded, mixed and mastered to a quality finished product that will "WOW" the club owners or potential hiring agencies/A&R managers until now.

Rough Mix: FREE
Edited & Mixed: $40.00/song
Edited, Mixed & Mastered: $60.00/song

Prices do not include studio space rental fees

Pro-Audio Workshop does not portray to be or intentionally claim to be a hi-level, big time music recording production studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested. The 'Workshop' is just that, a workshop where a band can come to practice, tighten up songs and when ready, produce a quality reference recording or demo. We are a mid-level recording studio with the capability to produce recordings that will provide you with a quality product. 100% guaranteed or you pay nothing. 

I have had several requests for sample recordings for reference of my recording abilities.


 What a perfect time to showcase my new band, REMEDY

 I am honored to have the privilege and opportunity to play the drums for this fantastic group of song writers and musicians.


REMEDY is made up of a great bunch of guys, Rick Wiggins; songwriter, guitar and vocals / Dan Venettozzi; songwriter, bass guitar and vocals / Robert Crucilla; Keys, and of course me, Brian Williams; Drums. I have only had a handful of practices with REMEDY and I still have some catching up to do, but when I do, WATCH OUT!!


Here, I will present to you some practice material for our next album ‘Throwing Stones at the Sun’. These recordings can be used as examples of the ‘Basic Raw Mix’ that I include with the ‘Studio/PA System’ rental package for FREE, as a way to thank you for your business.

I am also offering a very special ‘Holiday Gift’ to all customers for this holiday season! A 50% discount on ALL rental and recording packages!

For additional information or to book a session, please click the 'Message Me' icon at the bottom left of this page or the                button on any page that contains a rental package.


(865) 466-1219

Please keep in mind, these recordings are only for reference to a basic raw live mix (as it sounds immediately post recording). These basic raw mix samples are for reference to what I include for FREE with a ‘Studio/PA System’ rental purchase

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