All rentals are for in-studio rental only


We throw in a free digital rough mix recording package of your band’s rehearsal at the low cost of free!

Nothing tells the truth of your performance like a recording. Hear for yourself if that riff you throw in a particular song actually sounds the way you intend or listen vocal harmonies from an audience’s point of view.

Your choice of multi-tracks or stereo tracks transferred to thumb-drive, email or CD at no charge. We also offer CD labeling and duplication services at a small additional cost.

P.A. System Gear

  • Soundcraft Series 2, 40ch. Mixing Console
  • PreSonus StudioLive 24R 24/32-ch Digital Mixer
  • In-Line 24ch Audio Snake
  • Crest Audio Vs1500, Power Amp (mains)
  • Crown Com-Tech 810, Power Amp (monitors)
  • QSC RMX 850, Power Amp (studio monitors)
  • 1 Set – Community CSX S2, 4-12s Top Main Speaker Cabs
  • 1 Set – Community CSX, 4-15s Bottom Main Speaker Cabs
  • Shure SM58 Vocal Mics, Shure WH30XLR Headset Mic
  • EV Sentry 500, Studio Monitors
  • Alesis MidiVerb4, Reverb Processor
  • DBX 266XL, Compressor/Gate
  • DBX 1046, Quad Compressor/Limiter
  • DBX Project 1 286, Microphone Processor
  • DigiTech Studio Quad4, 4 in 4 out Multi-Effects Processor
  • Digital Music Corp MX-8, Midi Patchbay/Processor
  • Furman MM-8A, Vocal Processor Mixer
  • Powerplay HA-8000, 8ch Headphones Distribution Amp
  • Mackie HDR 24/96 24 Track Digital Recorder/Editor
  • Tascam CD-RW750 CD Rewritable Recorder
  • Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3, 16gig Studio Rackmount Computer
  • Neutrik NYS-SPP-1 Patchbay
  • Furman IT-1210, Power Isolation Transformer
  • Monster Power HTS-3500, Line Conditioner
  • Yamaha SM15V, 15″ Two-way Passive Monitor
  • EAW 15″, Vocal Monitor
  • Dell 1209S, Video Projector
  • Compaq Presario CQ57, Laptop (just bring your thumb drive)
  • Mic Stands, (9-Booms & 1-Straight)
  • Shure SM-58, Mics
  • Free High-Speed WiFi available